Marine Department

The Marine department is responsible for port related activities conducted to ensure the safety and uninterrupted flow of vessel traffic in port approaches and a safe stay at berth when moored at anchor.

The Marine department ensures that port conditions are Favourable for the vessels using the port and the marine environment is protected from danger. It also ensures that there is no unduly delay in vessels and total turnaround time for vessels are kept to minimum.

Other services like firefighting, dredging that may affect the port efficiency and safety are also part of the marine department. Additionally, it is pertinent to note that the below analysis has been done assuming the as is business scenario.

Visakhapatnam Port, the marine department consists of the following subdivisions.

Deputy conservator office and marine administration

This office takes care of the administration of the marine department and is headed by the Deputy Conservator.

Pilotage activity

This division deals with the pilotage operations and VTS operations.

Signal station

The Signal station is to monitor the movement of all vessels from anchorage point to the berth and back. It communicates with ships calling the port and hence play critical role in safe navigation and subsequently during vessel operations.

Marine Floating Crafts water Supply

The main function of this section is to ensure availability of floating crafts/crew for operations, maintenance of Deck tugs and launches, maintenance of navigational aids, Pollution control and combating oil spill.

Fire section

The main functions of fire section are monitoring of file stations, fire safety of port installations and rescue operations and to ensure safety and smooth operations of port and vessels movement.


The dredging section maintains the depth of the channel by dredging. The operation and maintenance of dredger is also done by the dredging section.

Hydrographic survey

The hydrographic section conducts hydrographic survey and maintains tidal level readings

The last update was on 02-04-2024

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