Electrical Wharf Cranes-4

  • Port owned-6
  • Private - 2

Port owned Dry Storage Facilities in Lakh Sq. Mtrs.

  • Open area outside Customs 10.47
  • Open area within Customs 1.97
  • Covered 0.48

National Aluminium Company

  • Silo 75000 Tonnes

Central Warehousing Corporation

  • Warehouse 20170 Tonnes

Food Corporation of India

  • Godowns 12 Nos.

Coal India Limited

  • Silo 2

Covered Storage for

  • Rock Phosphate 4700 Sq. Mtrs.
  • Urea 800 Sq. Mtrs
  • Rock Phosphate 60000 Sq. Mtrs.
  • Sulphur 25000 Sq. Mtrs
  • Urea/MOP/MAP 25000 Sq. Mtrs.
  • Rock Phosphate 25000 Sq. Mtrs.

Connectivity & Storage

  • Development of 4 lane connectivity from East breakwater road to Convent Junction (3.958 KM)
  • Improving / up-gradation of 4 lanes to 6 lane road from the port Connectivity from Convent Junction to Sheelanaar Junction
  • Development of World Class Truck Parking Terminal in 20 acres by port (O&M by the third party)
  • Construction of Covered Storage in Port area of size 400 X 40 X 17M including necessary drains, road and water supply.
  • electrification of VPA Railway lines 38.00 TKM.
  • Upgradation of track in East yard of VPA (6.70 KM)
  • Provision of Electronic Interlocking by clubbing four cabins ( North, South, Northwest and Southwest ) of R&D yard and panel interlocking at 14 lever goomty in VPA.
  • Improvement to VPA railway tracks and rectification of Sharp curves.
  • Improvement works for Visakhapatnam Port Road (Rehabilitation of Ambedkar and Nehru Centenary flyover).
  • Construction of flyover / underpass at Vizag Airport junction to ensure free flow of container trailers to /from MMLP set up at NH-16.
  • Construction of Grade separator from H7 area to Port connectivity Road by passing convent junction.
  • Construction of Covered Storage Shed no. 2 of size (300m x 40m x 17m) at R-11 area in Port area
  • Construction of covered storage shed No. 4 of size 200x30x17m at R2 area in Port.
  • Construction of covered storage shed of 104mx30mx17m at East of T-5 shed in Dock Area
  • Construction of covered storage shed No. 3 of size 200x40x17m at R-10 area in Port.

Container Transhipment Hub

  • All weather port with deepest natural depth of 16M
  • Visakhapatnam is the closest established container terminal to the Malacca Starts.
  • Vast Hinterland with large industries in pharma, Steel, Alumina, Ferro minerals, Sea Food etc.
  • Closest to the feeder ports on the upper Bay of Bengal.
  • Growing main line Container vessel services offering global connectivity.
  • poised to be the largest container terminal on the East Coast with 1.3 million TEUs capacity.
  • VRC discounts of 70% for above 50,000 GRT vessels and 50% discounts for below 50,000 GRT vessel
  • Additional concession for vessels carrying minimum inward 250 TEUs for transhipment.

Industrial Lighting System

As per the existing Lighting inventory of VPA, there are almost 4016 Nos. of light fittings exists of various wattages of street lights, floodlights all over the port operational areas, High mast / mini mast tower lights, road lighting, shed lighting, harbour park and maharanipeta housing colonies areas etc. In compliance with the Direction of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), about 2000 Nos. ( on street light poles & High mast / Mini mast towers) of the LED light fittings were replaced in phase I & II by M/s EESL which are under the scope of maintenance by EESL, is limited only to – repair/replacement of above 2000 Nos. LED streetlight fittings and the power supply to these street light fitting is not in the scope of M/s EESL.

  • General Cargo Berth gate.
  • East Quay-7 gate.
  • Dock main gate.
  • West Ore berth gate.
  • West Quay 7 and 8 gates.
  • North West gate.

Radio Navigation Equipment (MBES)

Nirmal launch is equipped with single beam echo sounder which uses SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging) technology to measure the depth of sea bed duly ensuring 16m channel draft to safely manoeuvre the vessels In/out of the harbour. Further, VPA is envisaging replacing the existing single beam echo sounder with the latest Multibeam echo sounder which will be commissioned by Sept 2020 duly complying with ministry guidelines to improve the operational efficiency.

  • VPA has deployed 160 nos. of wireless sets for uninterrupted wireless communication among staff for shipping/handling/railway operations.
  • Further 02no of Repeater stations are installed at Duffer in signal station – II (Rose Hill) and DLD building.
  • In addition to this, 80 No of digital VHF sets were provided to Marine wing for effective communication to safely manoeuvring the vessels during anchorage pilotage, berthing. Further 55 Nos of digital VHF sets are deployed for port security (CISF Patrolling and crime) for effective monitoring the port security and surveillance.

Cargo Handling Equipment

  • VPA has installed 02No of 100 Ton Electronic in-Motion Railway Weigh Bridges (01 No. at AKP & 01 No. at WOB) for weighment of all cargo through Railway rake movements. The weigh bridges were procured and installed in the year 2009 as per the Railway Design and standards organization (RDSO) specifications.
  • Further, the present weighbridges are being replaced with latest technology high capacity 140 Ton Electronic In-Motion Railway Weigh Bridges for faster evacuation of cargo duly reducing the TRT of rakes.

ISPS Equipment

  • VPA has installed 95 nos of high resolution cameras throughout port area for effective surveillance of shipping operations duly complying ISPS requirement. Also a command control centre has been established for effectively monitoring cargo handling operations, environmental parameters and security aspects.
  • VPA has also commissioned Radiation detection equipment (RDE) to detect nuclear materials and radioisotopes for the purpose of stopping illicit shipment of special nuclear material.

Harbour Pilot System (HPS)

  • Recently Harbour Pilot System introduced in VPA to meet challenges of bringing CAPE and Baby CAPE (Bigger size) vessels in the narrow congested waters of Inner Harbour.
  • It aids pilots in safe navigating, docking the vessels by taking precise position of vessels using PPU (Portable Pilot Unit) for measurement of speed, Heading and accurate Rate of Turn of vessel while manoeuvring.
  • Presently HPS system is being used by pilots by carrying PPU’s which is portable type having lighter weight and smaller size.
  • WDS-6 Model Diesel-electric locomotives 1350 HP - 7 Nos.
  • WDG-3A Model Diesel-electric locomotives 3100 HP - 3 Nos.
  • Maintain of fire fighting facilities at O.S.T.T/ LPG/ OR-I, II& III berths for ensuring safety at berths as per PESO requirements.
  • Maintenance of various capacities of Generator sets for lighting and power supply for the handling of cargos at berths.
  • Length - 140.24 Mtrs.
  • Breadth - 18.28 Mtrs.
  • Draft - 5.6 Mtrs.

Fishing Harbour Details

The Fishing harbour dry dock was built in the year of 1986. the size of the dry dock is 65M X 20M X 6M, having dewatering pumps 3 Nos. 200HP-2Nos. 20HP-1No. The existing dry dock was facilitating docking and undocking operations of private vessels, Coast guard and fishing trawlers