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610 No. IENG/CP/EE(Rlys)/T/85/VR/2, Dt.13.06.2024. General Renewal of NALCO level crossing area points including resurfacing with hard concrete surface level crossing - Blacklisting of Contractor Civil Engineering 13-06-2024 Document
609 1719 General Mandatory engagement of Helper/Cleaner along with Driver on theVehicles plying in the Port Area Traffic 24-06-2024 Document
608 1715 General Redefinition of the Dock boundry area and consequent realignment of the procedure for issuance of RFID Dock entry permits. Traffic 05-06-2024 Document
607 PMU/PPP/EQ-10/COMMITTEE/2024/144 Dt.07-06-2024 General Administration Development of EQ-10 berth in the Northern Arm of Inner Harbour of VPA for handling Liquid Cargo on DBFOT basis. Civil Engineering 07-06-2024 Document
606 1716 General Grant of License for supply, installation, testing , commissionning, operation and maintenance of 2 Harbour Mobile Cranes of capacity not less than 100MT Traffic 07-06-2024 Document
605 1714 General Maines adn Minerals - Details of exporter wise Iron Ore Exported through Visakhapatnam port fro the eriod from 01-04-2019 to 31-12-2023 - Not to allow the exporter without having Mineral Dealer License as per the Mineral Dealer Rules 2017. Traffic 05-06-2024 Document
604 1712 Shipping Issuance of Port Clearance to vessels calling at VPA Traffic 29-05-2024 Document
603 1711 Shipping Wagon damages at different sidings in VPA while loading and unloading Traffic 28-05-2024 Document
602 No.02 Shipping Amendment of the provisions mentioned in new SOR/VPA currently force w.e.f. 29-05-2023 Traffic 23-05-2024 Document
601 1709 Shipping Submission of BERMAN message in NLP Marine Portal Traffic 27-05-2024 Document