Safety Activities

The aim is to reduce to the absolute '0' accidents and cases of ill health in the work places for which it is responsible. It regards good health & safety management and high standards of performance in health and safety as being of the utmost importance and integral to an efficient organization.

Fire & Safety

Fire prevention, Firefighting and ensuring Safety of personnel form an integral part of Port Activity. Towards this end Fire & Safety Department at Visakhapatnam Port Authority (VPA) aims for Zero accident inside premises and strives to provide hazard free work atmosphere with respect to Health and Safety of personnel. To accomplish the same VPA sports the Honour of having qualified Fire & Safety Officers and Skilled Fire Fighters on the rolls and the Team is available in Port on 24 X 7 Basis. The Team supports Cargo Department and Engineering Services, on their routine and non routine activities and to complete their task without any Accident / Incident during the process. Apart from regular support to the various departments Fire & Safety Team also carries out Regular rounds inside the port premises to take note of violations and instances of non-compliances. Fire safety Team carries out Fire Audit regularly in order to account for firefighting equipment availability and serviceability at all stations. Our paramount commitment is that the Fire and Safety department strives to ensure that the work atmosphere is kept free from Fire Hazards at all times.

Safety Training

Practice makes perfect. Main core area of the Fire & Safety department is to create the awareness among the work force about Port Safety requirement, Job specific Safety requirements and Emergency preparedness .To do the Same Fire and Safety department regularly conducts the Training program to the workforce on regular basis

Safety Induction Training

This Training is given to all newly Joined workforce about Port safety requirements and Department specific Safety requirements .Apart from this each contractual employee is welcomed to the port premises after undergoing Safety process regularly. This ensures that contractor and their workforce are made aware about Port Safety requirements and Job specific Safety requirements before deploying them at the site.


VPA maintains and rehearses an exclusive Disaster Management plan with all preparedness procedures to meet any emergencies in the Port premises including Pandemic preventive work safety aspects. Each worker in the port premises is assigned with task to perform in case of emergency; the same will be ensured by Fire & Safety Team through the various drills and Training Programs.

Fire Fighting Equipment's

Fire and Safety department is equipped with various Fire Fighting facilities including Portable Fire Extinguishers, Multi-Purpose Fire Tender, and Hydrant network. We also have Fire Pumphouse which is designed as per OISD requirements to meet the Fire risks in the liquid cargo. Every building in the VPA premises is provided with smoke detectors which is centrally connected with Fire Station.