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Shipping Operations

Berthing of vessels and cargo handling operation through mechanized and conventional methods at the Outer & Inner Harbour of the Port. Regularly following the berthing policy and relevant acts,   statutes, Customs notifications, etc.



Shipping Commercial

Realization of Port charges related to vessel and cargo operation and for the services and infrastructure facilities of the Port utilized by its customers.



Railways Operations

Works on behalf of EcoR as its service provider, for loading/unloading of railway wagons duly adhering to the procedures and rules of Indian Railways as applicable from time to time.

Railway infrastructure



Railway Commercial

Collection of railway freight and allied charges for the Indian Railways as well realization of Port charges for railway-related services and infrastructure of the Port that are availed by the Users like locos, sidings, etc.



Allotment of various parcels of land to stakeholders on short-term license for storage/stacking of EXIM and coastal cargo. Ensures compliance with green initiatives and pollution control measures like covering cargo stacks with tarpaulin, water sprinkling on stacks, etc.

Open and covered storage area details


Business Development

A dedicated cell of Officers for Port marketing, liaison with Customers, and exploring new business opportunities.

Business Development Intiatives


Cargo Handling Division

Deployment of operational manpower both on-board vessels as well as on-shore for cargo handling operations, operating ship’s gears, break-bulk and bag cargo operations, etc.

Inner and Outer harbor berths details



PMU Unit

Deals with all issues concerning traffic Department related to Projects like royalty realization, levy of liquidated damages for non-performance, etc. The section coordinates with PMU Cell / Nodal  Departments on all matters related to projects.



Fishing Harbour

Entire operations of the Fishing Harbour, the realization of charges related to mechanized fishing boats/trawlers, etc. Recovery of room rentals of the rooms located at Fishing Harbour from the fishing community, liaisons with JD Fisheries/fishing associations, and allied activities.

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