Mechanical and Electrical, Electronics Department

Mechanical and Electrical, Electronics Department Wing.

  • Operation and Maintenance of Locomotives.
  • Maintenance of firefighting equipment at Jetties.
  • Operation and Maintenance of 10 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant and water sprinkling system at stack piles.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Fog Cannons and Sweeping machines.
  • Providing of power supply Industrial lighting (LED Lights) to entire port operations.
  • Harness of Solar energy with existing 10 MW ground-mounted grid-connected photo volatile solar system.
  • Generation of 1.45 crore units per annum thereby saving carbon footprint of 14300 tones.
  • Operation and Maintenance of 20 Ton capacity ELL Wharf Cranes.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Mobile X-ray Container Scanner.
  • To facilitate VHF Wireless Communication to Port Operation.
  • To provide Radio – Navigational aids such as VTMS, Radar, AIS for safe navigation of vessels approaching.
  • Port Access control using RFID Gate management to all Men, Vehicle & Material 24x7.
  • To meet ISPS compliances by offering video – surveillance (CCTV) to ensure effective monitoring and port security round the clock.
  • To Operate & Maintain Cargo handling assets 140 Ton – Railway weighbridges, 100T - Electric Truck weighbridges.
  • Procurement of materials and services for VPA as per Government guidelines with transparent competitive bidding through Purchase Section.
  • Requisitioning, Receipt, Quality assurance, Accounting, Storage, and issue of materials at General Store.
  • Disposal of unserviceable material, Scrap, Life Expired, Obsolete, materials, etc. through public auction at Disposal Section.
  • To provide 05 No’s of Tugs (65T, 60T & 50T) in each shift.
  • To provide 02 No’s of Pilot Launches & 03 Nos.
  • of Mooring Launches in each shift.
  • To provide 01 No.of 500 M3 Grab Hooper Dredger & 01 No. of Agni Class Fire Float.
  • Being a mega port in the eastern region, VPT is with the un-compromised core value to provide safe and secure shipping services.
  • While handling International Ships in the port, we comply with International safety standards at Port operations while handling hazardous, dangerous, and sensitive cargoes at our berths.
  • We demonstrate leadership in ensuring best safety practices in the port and our mission is set up for achieving “Zero accident” at port operations. Every employee of the port is responsible for accident prevention.