Brief History

The Central Industrial Security Force came into existence in 1969 to provide integrated security cover to certain sensitive public sector undertakings with strength of only three battalions. The force has since grown into a premier multi-skilled organization with a present strength of 1,63,590 personnel. The CISF at present provides security cover to 353 establishments through the length and breadth of the country. The CISF also has its own Fire Wing which provides services to 104 of the above establishments. The CISF security umbrella includes India’s most critical infrastructure facilities like nuclear installations, space establishments, airports, seaports, power plants etc. In addition, the CISF also protects important government buildings, iconic heritage monuments and the Delhi Metro. The CISF also has a specialized VIP Security vertical providing round the clock security to important protectees


Post the Mumbai terror attack in November 2008, the mandate of CISF was broadened to provide security cover to private corporate establishments also. The CISF also provides security consultancy services to private entities and its services are much in demand. The CISF sets very high standards for itself ; both in terms of the professional caliber of its personnel as well as adopting cutting edge technology to enhance security. The CISF is well equipped to successfully respond to any security threat including terrorism. The hallmark of the force is to continuously evolve and reinvent itself to keep in tune with the changing security environment in the country. The CISF is also the only Central Armed Police Force with a daily public interface; in the airports, in the Delhi Metro and in the iconic monuments and is hence very conscious of the requirement to balance security procedures with a people friendly approach. The CISF is committed to constantly upgrade its professional skills and we welcome suggestions and feedback from the public as well as our clients to improve our services.


CISF took over the security duties of Visakhapatnam Port Authority w.e.f. 25th September, 1971. The security of the VPA is looked after by the CISF under the Command of Shri Vijay Kumar, Commandant. There is CISF personnel with sanctioned strength of 509 personnel. CISF has a Crime & Intelligence wing (CIW) under the supervision of an Inspector to cover various activities inside the installation. CISF has a Dog Squad to detect Narcotics and Explosives.  The security of the waterfront is also undertaken by CISF round the clock. The management has provided patrolling Boats to the CISF for waterfront patrolling. 

Hierarchy Chart


Important Contact Details

Name of (GO’s)



Mobile No.

Shri. Vijay Kumar,   Senior Commandant

3079  & 3080



Shri. Rajeev Ranjan Jha,  Dy. Commandant




Shri. P S Raju,   Asstt. Commandant




Shri. S C Khandai, Asstt.   Commandant/JAO




Control Room
3684  & 3685
0891-2873684 & 2873685

Name of The Inspector

Mobile. NO

INSP/EXE :Teerath Raj Rawat


INSP/EXE : Satyabir Sharma


INSP/EXE : Sanjay Kumar


INSP/EXE  : Rama Prasad Rao G.


INSP/EXE : Appalaswami Gunna


INSP/EXE : Subrata Pramanik


INSP/MIN : Madala Sreenivasa Rao


Conduct Regular Mock Drill Exercises


This will keep the operational efficiency of the manpower updated and will help to patch up the loopholes if any comes to notice.

Set of Quick Reaction Team


A team readily available round the clock consisting of dedicated, energetic and experts in combat skills shall be setup. This team shall be equipped with sophisticated fire arms with high firepower, protective gears and a highly mechanized vehicle.

Round the Clock Patrolling


This will help to have close observation of the installation and its surrounding and can see the developments from close range. This also will help to create a deterrent in the minds of the miscreants at waterfront.